Week 9: Boring

Hi everyone,

Welcome back to my cybersecurity internship blog. You saw the picture. This is a boring week. There is only one week left of this internship and I am glad. After reflecting on this internship, I am disappointed. I wanted to gain hands-on cybersecurity experience. I don’t have any IT experience. Remember, I was in a biology post-baccalaureate program to prepare to apply for medical school. I saw this internship as a way to gain work experience in IT and cybersecurity. I feel like I wasted time because I didn't gain anything new from this internship. Especially, I don’t know how to describe this experience on my resume or LinkedIn profile. Honestly, I got more hands-on experience in my cybersecurity bootcamp. Let me stop complaining and recap this week.

This week was about project management and cloud fundamentals. Honestly, both courses were boring. The courses were not interactive at all and were repetitive. The project management video was an hour and some minutes long. I understand why he wanted us to learn more about the responsibilities of a project manager and project managers are high in demand right now. To be honest, I am not interested in project management. Project management reminds me of a supervisor who makes sure the team gets tasks done in a timely manner for their client. I was excited about the cloud fundamentals course because I am interested in cloud security. It was basically a lecture and didn't go into depth about the cloud at all.

The mandatory zoom meeting was about our feedback on the curriculum for the next cohort. The curriculum is great. However, it is still the same format as this internship. Watch a video, do a tryhackme room, etc. No hands-on experience/projects. We were invited to join the next cohort if we want. My answer is no. I want an internship like the TCM Security PNPT course I’m taking where the instructor shows us how to do things related to cybersecurity. I can watch a youtube video, take a course on cybersecurity topics, or do a tryhackme on my own time. I guess I have to find an IT Tech role to gain experience, another cybersecurity internship, or a company to take a chance on me because this internship wasn't it.

Sorry, that this post was so negative. Thank you for reading my blog post about my internship. One week is left until I'm free. Please follow along for the week 10 post and the end of the cybersecurity internship series. Bye!!!!

Here is the link to the week 10 post:



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I'm transitioning from pre-med into the tech world specifically cybersecurity. I'm here to write about my journey into the tech space.