Week 5: Advanced Internship?

Welcome Back !!!!

If you have kept up with the cybersecurity internship series, then you know that I have complained about how this internship is not what I had expected. If you want to read from the beginning, here is the link: https://dijah.medium.com/my-cybersecurity-internship-71c7e08a68). For weeks, interns have complained about the lack of hands-on experience this internship promised us. Instead of taking our feedback and frustrations, he introduces the advanced cybersecurity internships. This internship has different positions that are tailored to our interests and require more time. Also, I forgot to mention that it’s still an unpaid internship. I know. I shouldn’t care about the money. However, this internship requires more time and requires certain skill sets in order to be considered. Therefore, it should be paid. Right now, I’m not interested because the optional advanced tasks are difficult unless you have a strong offensive cybersecurity skillset. Currently, I don’t have that. I’m afraid the advanced internship will be very similar to the optional advanced task (For those asking, I have not attempted to try the optional advanced tasks yet and probably not going to). If I learn more about it, I might consider it since I haven’t secured my first entry-level cybersecurity role yet. Pray for me guys.

For this week's task, we were assigned more tryhackme. The following rooms were Phishing Emails 1 and 2, Vulnversity, and Windows x64 Assembly. To be honest, the room Windows x64 Assembly was difficult to comprehend due to my lack of computer science knowledge. Before you attack me, I graduated with a BS in chemistry. I’m smart okay. I really enjoyed the Vulnversity room. It covered concepts learned in Phishing Emails 1 and 2 and Windows x64 Assembly. Yes, I enjoyed another red team room.

I think I’m getting comfortable with basic pen-testing. I understand what is going on and I’m thinking about what I can hack/break into next.

Wins y’all

If you don’t know, I was struggling with offensive security tools when I was attending Fullstack Academy. It’s a whole different way of thinking because you are trying to find the weakness in order to gain the highest access within a short period of time. Anything involving offensive security, I was scared to use or to learn about it. It’s scary how hackers can access to all your personal, financial, etc information with a command or script. I didn't want to learn that. This is why I fell in love with defensive cybersecurity. I wanted to stop and protect people and organizations from hackers.

Now, look at me. I’m making progress with each tryhackme room I do. It’s getting easier. Do I still have to rely on a walk-through? Yes, I’m not ashamed to say it. However, I’m checking the walkthroughs less and less. Will I attempt a hackthebox room? Let’s not push it. However, you can recommend easy hackthebox rooms and maybe I check it out. I can’t make any promises.

That is all for my recap of week 5. I received my week 5 certificate yesterday, so I’m moving on to week 6 baby. Thank you for reading along. Make sure to follow for updates. Enjoy your weekend.

Here is the link for week 6:https://dijah.medium.com/week-6-inspiring-c2a61afe7dc7



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I'm transitioning from pre-med into the tech world specifically cybersecurity. I'm here to write about my journey into the tech space.