Week 10: The End of the Road

3 min readJul 12, 2022


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Hi everyone,

Yes, this blog post is late. It is not my fault this time. The final cybersecurity meeting was postponed until Monday (July 11, 2022).

Anyway… Welcome back to my final post about my cybersecurity internship. If you read the title and thought of Boyz II Men’s song, you get bonus points. These 10 weeks have flown by. I have met incredible people that are just like me, inspiring cybersecurity professionals that want to make the world a safer place from cyberattacks.

For this week’s task, I had to complete two tryhackme rooms. Here are the links to both of them: https://tryhackme.com/room/easyctf and https://tryhackme.com/room/c4ptur3th3fl4g. I had to post about our internship experiences and create a google slide about what I learned, my improvements, and feedback for the VTF team.

Even though I complained about this internship because it was more theoretical learning than hands-on learning, I would say there are some parts of the internship that I have enjoyed such as meeting fellow aspiring cybersecurity professionals, some tryhackme rooms such as basic pentesting, Nmap, Nessus, malware analysis, and the Open Source Intelligence and MITRE ATT&CK courses.

Also, VTF has made me be little open to the offensive cybersecurity realm. If you have been following along, I didn't have the best time learning offensive cybersecurity topics. During my internship, I learn that building red team skills come with practice. You are not expected to know everything at once. The more you practice, the more you will recognize patterns. You have to build that muscle. I’m interested in learning about hacking. Therefore, I am taking the TCM Security free PNPT course. You can read more about it here: https://dijah.medium.com/ethical-hacking-f4304067945d.

Since the mandatory zoom meeting was canceled and pushed back until Monday, the meeting was optional. The meeting was about discussing projects going on at VTF and how you can enhance your skills after this internship. Afterward, some interns provide feedback to make the internship better and ask for advice in the job search. The meeting ended. The certificates were sent out and I officially finished my internship.

After my 10-week internship, the dying question everyone wants the answer to. Do I recommend the VTF basic cybersecurity internship? If you are not familiar with cybersecurity, then you should do the internship. VTF exposes you to different topics and parts of cybersecurity. This can be helpful for you figure out which part of cybersecurity you are interested in. VTF stresses that this is not a training program, but a program to learn and build your professional skills. This internship is more theoretical not hands-on. You are not working on simulations based on real case scenarios that you will encounter on the job. If you are looking for hands-on cybersecurity experience such as working on projects to add to your resume, then this is not the internship for you. You are better off finding a paid internship, creating projects that you can add to your resume, or making a homelab to build and gain those cybersecurity skills.

However, VTF is taking the feedback from interns and changing the curriculum, so it might be a better experience for the next cohort. Therefore, you can check out the new curriculum on their website to learn more. Here is the link: https://virtuallytesting.com/intern.html. Also, here is the link to VTF’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/vtfoundation/.

Thank you to everyone who has read every post regarding my cybersecurity internship. I’m officially done with the cybersecurity internship. I can wait to see what is next in my cybersecurity journey. Bye!!!!!!!!




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