Week 1: Introduction

The picture is from: https://www.hpcwire.com/solution_content/ibm/cross-industry/simplifying-the-hectic-world-of-hpc/

Okay, I am a little late about posting my first update about my cybersecurity internship. I apologized. Week 1 was a little hectic and a little confusing, but I finally found my footing to write about it now.

In my previous blog, I forget to mention that this was an unpaid remote 10-week internship. The cybersecurity internship started on May 2, 2022. I didn't get my official letter until and it didn't state anything besides congrats on being accepted into the internships, it started on May 2 and ends in July, and to join the discord. Also, the company sent out a badge to share on LinkedIn to show we are members of the Virtually Testing Foundations (VTF) community. That’s it. If you know me, you know that I like to be prepared. However, I did join the VTF’s discord page hoping to find more information about the internship. I did not. Therefore, I had to wait until May 2, 2022.

On the day of the internship, we were welcomed by the CEO of VTF via Zoom meeting. He told us the internship is not structured. He told us to leave the college student mindset behind. There is no hand-holding. No one is going to show you how to do things. You have to figure it out on your own. The internship is going to simulate working for a company. He is going to give us daily tasks and we have a deadline to complete them. Also, we are required to be online every Friday for a set time. If you need help, you have to ask fellow colleagues or google it because that's how it is in the real world. That was it. He ended the zoom meeting.

The tasks were to complete a Microsoft module called: Describe the basic concepts of cybersecurity and to write a paper on the difference between the red team vs. blue team. Due to graduating from a cybersecurity bootcamp, I was already familiar with some of the fundamental concepts of cybersecurity such as Basic cybersecurity threats, attacks, and mitigation, concepts of cryptography, authentication and authorization in cybersecurity, network-based threats and mitigations, device-based threats and security controls, and application-based threats and how to protect against them.

If you didn’t complete the task, then your internship was terminated. You either were emailed a certificate for completing week one or nothing. You had no right to ask why your internship got terminated. Remember, the internship simulates working for a real company. Therefore, the company has a right to fire you when you didn’t do the task you were hired for. It’s harsh, but that's what happens in the real world. Companies don’t have time to waste. Time is money.

Thank you for reading my post. Follow me for week 2.

Update: Here is the link for week 2: https://dijah.medium.com/week-2-elimination-e102af33b1f7.



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