PNPT Live: Week 1

Hi everyone,

If you have read my blog post about taking the free ethical hacking course from TCM Security, I just completed week 1. If not, here is the link:

At first, the TCM course was off to a great start. I was excited about taking the course. I joined their discord and couldn't wait for the course to start. I appreciated TCM taking the time to create this course. They provided videos to help people set up a virtual machine whether you choose to use VirtualBox or VMware, how to take great notes, and what skills you need to succeed in ethical hacking. These videos were informative and easy to follow. I have to say great job TCM Security. I am not familiar with their company or courses, so I am impressed with the material so far.

Also, TCM Security offers the whole ethical hacking course for free if you attend 93% of the TCM security twitch live course. This is great. It eliminates the barrier for anyone who wants to learn skills to pursue a career as an ethical hacker. You can go back and review topics you struggle with during the live session. If you want the videos, you can always subscribe to their twitch channel to rewatch the live streams aka video on demand(VOD). Here is the link to TCM Security’s twitch channel:

The first day was great. TCM Security wanted to ensure that these first two weeks focus on basics such as Linux commands, python, networking, and bash scripting. Day 1 focused on basic Linux commands, how to move through Linux, search for files, set permissions, update Linux, and network subnetting. During the live stream, I realize I have to practice network subnetting and bash scripting. I was already familiar with moving around Linux already, so it was a refresher for me. Here is a link to their free Kali Linux course: and a youtube video to help with understanding subnetting: I don't have a resource to practice bash scripting so feel free to leave your recommendation below in the comments.

Everything was going fine until TCM security’s twitch stream experienced some technical difficulties. They put the chat on subscribers only since some people were spamming it. Unfortunately, I could not access chat and could not type in the code. Others who have attended the chat experience this as well. The code is important because this is how TCM takes attendance. Because I couldn't access the chat, I decided to enter the code in the TCM discord. TCM security started banning accounts because people weren't following directions. This is understandable. I agreed with their decision. If you do not follow instructions, then you should get banned. I tried to contact the TCM Security team, but no one was responding. Because my friend reached out to TCM admins, I was able to access the TCM Security discord. Also, TCM Security came up with a better way to record attendance by tasking attendance on a google form.

That is the recap of Week 1. Follow along for week 2. Bye. Here is the link for week 2:



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I'm transitioning from pre-med into the tech world specifically cybersecurity. I'm here to write about my journey into the tech space.