How to Passed the AWS Certified Cloud Practioner Exam on the First Try

3 min readMay 12, 2022
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You are interested in Amazon Web Service cloud certifications, but you don’t know which one to get. For entry-level, I recommend AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification (AWS CCP). Why do you ask? You don’t need cloud experience to pass this exam and it shows companies that you are familiar with the foundational concept of AWS cloud. If you are interested in gaining the certification and passing the exam on the first try, then you should continue reading.

Before you purchase AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam courses, Amazon provides a free Certified Cloud Practitioner course. Go to the AWS Skill Builder website, use an Amazon account to sign in, and search for the AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials course shown in the picture below.

A picture of the AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials course taken by me.

In this course, you should take detailed notes and answer the multiple-choice questions at the end of the chapter. When you completed all the modules, you can take the final assessment. The final assessment has questions similar to those found within the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner examination. You can use the final exam to gauge how prepared you are for the exam.

If you identify as a woman, Amazon has a program called AWS She Builds-SkillUp with CloudUp. It is a free, flexible, 8-week, community-based learning program for women. It covers the cost of the AWS CCP exam. You can sign up and find more information here:

If you need more learning material, LinkedIn Learning has an amazing AWS CCP course. This course condenses Amazon’s Certified Cloud Practitioner course and highlights the main key concepts to help you pass the exam. Here is the link to the LinkedIn Learning course: I know you can use your local library to access LinkedIn Learning for free.

For more multiple-choice questions, you can purchase an Udemy AWS CCP practice exam course or use a free resource. Here are the links to both: and

That's it. You are set to study and practice AWS CCP. If you take detailed notes and review wrong answer choices, I guarantee you will pass the exam on the first try. Good luck. You got this.

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