Ethical Hacking????

2 min readJun 28, 2022


Yeah, you read that title right. I’m taking a course on ethical hacking. But why? To new readers who have stumbled upon my page, I am interested in defense cybersecurity, not offensive cybersecurity. I want to help build and protect organizations from cyberattacks. Also, I really didn't enjoy the red team week during my cybersecurity bootcamp. It was hard and I didn't feel comfortable learning about hacking tools.

However, my cybersecurity internship exposed me to various tryhackme penetration testing rooms. Let's just say, I was interested to learn more about how to think more like a hacker and wanted to get more comfortable with red team skills and tools. Also, every cybersecurity professional I have spoken to always tells me that being a red teamer makes you a better blue teamer. Therefore, I found out that TCM Security is hosting a free PNPT course on twitch.

Here is the link to the course:
Enroll here: It offers over 50 hours of ethical hacking training, including OSINT, Active Directory exploitation, web exploitation, privilege escalation, exploit development, and so much more. Hurry, week 2 starts tomorrow.

Also, shout out to blackgirlshack for sharing this information. Here is the link to blackgirlshack:

I am not interested in gaining a PNPT certificate. However, this is a great course to learn about ethical hacking and to review various cybersecurity topics that I learned from by cybersecurity bootcamp.

This is what I am up to. Besides doing my virtual internship, applying and interviewing for my first cybersecurity jobs, and studying for my Splunk Core User Certification. You know what they say, always keep learning or you get left behind.

Thank you for reading my post about TCM Security PNPT live course. Keep following along for updates about my experience with this course. Bye!!!

Here is the link for week 1:

Here is the link for week 2:

Here is the link for week 3:




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